About Us

We as conglutinate society feel that the present situation of Naga society needs special attention for its all round development. The process of change and development can be geared up through constant revitalization of human thinking and understanding with the application of science and technology in health, environment and social welfare and development. For this, a voluntary organization which can carry out the need based programmes and stress on the application of science and technology for quicker pace of development has become the need of time. Therefore, we resolved to form a state organization to be called ‚ÄúNAGALAND INSTITUTE OF HEALTH, ENVIRONMENT AND SOCIAL WELFARE” which will be non-profit and non-political organization in the year 1990.

The organization was founded by Dr. K.K.Sharma the former Pro Vice-Chancellor of NU and Dr K.K. Angami, Former director Health & Family Welfare in 1990. ENVIS Node NIHESW Kohima was inducted by the MoEF in April 2003. The organization is a prominent activator of environmental issues since its inception. While participating in the Science Communicators Programme a massive environmental issue are displayed, taught and inducted to the mass as well as the children. There is a tremendous awareness built-up especially with the present situation of global warming, droughts, and earthquakes i.e. climatic changes.